Aunt Sally's invites you to #SaveHalloween!

History of Halloween

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

You probably know that Halloween is a centuries-old tradition. But do you know how many of our current Halloween customs may be directly descended from the holiday’s ancient Celtic roots?

For example... 

  • In medieval Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, the end of the harvest season marked a time when spirits could more easily enter the human world.
  • Jack-o’-lanterns were traditionally carried to ward off evil spirits — and before we carved them from pumpkins, we carved them from turnips!
  • People dressed in costume, blackened their faces or wore masks to emulate the spirits they believed in.

Even the question “Trick or treat?” has roots in the medieval practice of “mumming,” or the seasonal performance of folk plays. It was probably also influenced by “souling,” the Christian practice of handing out small cakes to groups of visitors who sang songs.

Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween New OrleansHalloween has special significance in New Orleans. Our ancestors saw it not as a spooky tradition, but as a predecessor to the Feast of All Souls on November 2, when faithful Catholics would head to the cemeteries to tidy and whitewash their loved ones’ tombs.

This practice, along with regular prayer, was meant to help spirits stuck in purgatory make their way closer to heaven.

These days, it’s well known that New Orleans is Party Central when Halloween rolls around! From ghost tours and voodoo shops to all-out horror-themed bashes, no other city’s Halloween celebration holds a candle to ours.

Help #SaveHalloween!

Unfortunately, in recent years, like many other holidays, Halloween has lost a lot of its history to commercialization.

We’re encouraged to buy costumes instead of making them, and to give out handfuls of factory-made candy to children who trick-or-treat on our doorsteps.

At Aunt Sally’s, we want to revive the spirit of Halloween — and we’ve got just the thing. If you’re heading to a Halloween party (or two or three) this week, bring along a party-sized tub of Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralinettes.

Handmade from our original 1935 recipe, Aunt Sally’s sweet, nutty Pralinettes are a piece of New Orleans history that even an evil spirit couldn’t resist.

Our Pralinettes are made with fresh cream, Louisiana pecans, and local cane sugar. At 1 ½” inches around, they’re the perfect two-bite treat that will leave you licking your fingers.

You can even give out Pralinettes to lucky trick-or-treaters. We guarantee they’ll be the hit of the night’s haul.

By buying Pralinettes this Halloween, you're not just helping us #SaveHalloween--you're supporting a local business! 

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