Tips for Choosing the Best Gourmet Gift Basket

We can all agree on one universal truth: Everyone likes to be pampered. And what better way to spoil a loved one than with delicious confections and favorite foods?

If you’ve decided to send gourmet baskets for the holidays, you’ve made a big step forward in your gift-buying. But how do you choose the right one? Just searching “gourmet gift baskets” brings up more than 2 million Google results!

(Skip the end for some of our personal recommendations!)

Before you get overwhelmed, we’ve got a few tips for you to consider when choosing a gift basket. Find the perfect basket for every recipient—no Googling required.

  • Preferences. Think about your recipient. What do they like? Is there anything you know for sure that they dislike? Does she prefer a certain kind of chocolate? Does he like sweets, or does he prefer savory foods?
  • Personality. Think about your recipient's personality. Maybe this person goes through their day quickly and efficiently. This type of go-getter likely only takes a few minutes for short breaks, and would probably like something that could be eaten quickly and with less mess—like our Cajun Roasted Coated Pralines.

    Or, maybe your recipient is laid-back and takes time to savor their food. A gourmet basket with spreads, candies, and more might be welcome. If you have someone with a sweet tooth on your gift-giving list, our pralines will be sure hit.

    Don’t know much about your recipient? Aunt Sally's Treat Sampler includes pralines of different flavors for a little variety. This is a good choice for teachers and others you want to acknowledge, but whom you don’t know well.
  • Budget: It may be tempting to buy cheaper baskets from unfamiliar companies—but the saying "You get what you pay for" is especially true when it comes to food. Don’t risk accidentally giving your friend or loved one a gourmet gift basket that has been sitting around. Stale foods are at best tasteless, and at worst, could make your recipient sick. Choose from a high-quality company that has been around a while (ahem: we’ve been creating delicious foods for 80 years).
  • Packaging: Gourmet gift baskets come in other forms beside actual baskets—for instance, a gift box or subscription box like our Praline of the Month Club. Some are gift-wrapped, and some come with receipts. What do you want your recipient to open the box and see?

  • Distance: Consider where your recipient lives. Will their gourmet gift basket need to be shipped, or is their delivery in an area nearby the purveyor? If you’ll be shipping your basket, be sure to ask the company about their shipping procedures to ensure the food is fresh and any chocolate won’t be melted on delivery.

Gourmet gift baskets are a great choice for a huge range of family and friends, and especially for the “person who has everything”. After all, everyone loves to eat their favorite treats! Plus, you’ll never have to wonder if your gift was put to good use.


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