When to Order Your Holiday Gift Basket

Every year, the holidays sneak up on us at a faster pace than the year before. Get prepared this year before the last-minute rush has you stressed—so you can sit back and enjoy the season! 

Why Give Gift Baskets?

Gift receivers who are unfamiliar with New Orleans cuisine will enjoy a basket filled with an assortment of our city’s finest treats. Affordable and tasty, the Aunt Sally’s Treat Sampler is under $10 and a perfect way to say happy holidays to teachers, paper carriers, and other people who deserve a sweet thank-you. However, you might just start a yearly tradition, so make a list of everyone that you hand these treats out to.

Keeping Shipped Foods Fresh

Ordering food online can often worry customers who wonder how fresh the product will be upon arrival. Care should be taken when choosing between companies that offer gourmet baskets and pastries online. 

First of all, the shipment will only be as good as the shipper instructs. Having a 2-3 day window is recommended when shipping goods. If a company requires 5-7 days, your shipment could be less than fresh. Check for companies that use air freight in addition to ground freight and when possible, have your packages shipped to a business address. The delivery time is normally quicker than to residential areas.

Do a Little Research

Finding the perfect gift may seem like all your worries are over. However, if you believe that your selection is great, lots of other people may feel the same way. It is not unusual for items to sell out around the holiday season, so getting your research and shopping done early could save you lots of time and trouble.

When to order a holiday gift basket is a decision you should make well before the holiday rush arrives. Also, it might be a good idea to contact the company just to make sure that the item has not been discontinued or changed in any way.

Storing Early Arrivals

Once you have decided when to order your holiday gift basket, ordered it, and the shipment is safely in your home, you’ll want to keep these yummy treats as fresh as possible.

Aunt Sally's Pralines and other confections and candies should be kept in a cool (and discreet, if your recipient lives with you!) area. An attached garage is perfect for regulating the temperature above freezing, but lower than room temperature. Bottled products can be stored in a closet in the house, or according to separate instructions included on the goods.