Indulge in our exciting NEW offer: Praline of the Month Club!

Praline of the Month Club

What’s better than a box of pralines delivered right to your door? How about a box of pralines every month for a year?

 Aunt Sally’s makes six delicious flavors of creamy pralines, and three flavors of the original Creole praline, as well as seasonal specialty flavors. Our Praline of the Month Club makes it easy for members to try every one of these delicious confectionaries, delivered right to your door every month. 

 Surprise and delight someone you love with a sweet, monthly gift from Aunt Sally’s, or stock your own cupboard with a gift to yourself!  And no extra charge for shipping; that is included in the one-time price of the gift!

When you purchase either a year of 6-packs or a year of 12 packs, we'll send the first box right away, along with:

 A welcome letter to our newest member, including any personal notes you would like included, and an outline of the Praline of the Month Club and what to expect from us for the next year.

 And then each month for the next eleven months, we will surprise and delight our Club members with a box of the best pralines in the world.