Aunt Sally's

Aunt Sally's Coated Pecans

$ 9.99

Our delicious selection of coated pecans is for those of you who eat our famous pralines just for the pecans! They're hand-select, fresh roasted Louisiana pecan halves and are coated with a variety of sweet and spicy mixtures for a truly delightful taste.

Our classic Praline Coated Pecans are rolled in the same buttery, vanilla notes mixture that makes our Creole Pralines so delicious! These are so popular they also come in a larger size too.

Our Cinnamon Coated Pecans are rolled in a mix of cinnamon and sugar.

We also offer Cajun Coated Pecans, which are dusted with our secret blend of authentic Cajun herbs and spices.

We created a Sugar Free option so the diet-conscious can enjoy the "Sweet Taste of New Orleans" too.

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