Our famous pralines are created from a short list of quality ingredients, starring Louisiana pecans, Louisiana cane sugar, milk, and butter. They’re cooked by hand over open flame in large, bowl-shaped copper pots. These pots are ideal because of their ability to conduct heat at different temperatures at exact levels during various stages of cooking. Without these precise temperatures and even heat, Aunt Sally’s pralines wouldn’t be be so perfect.
Our cooks stir the hot liquid for approximately 30 minutes, and when the mixture is the right temperature, vanilla and other flavors are added according to our family recipes. Our cooks stir the pots vigorously in order to incorporate the proper amount of air as the candy cooks. When the moment is right, they pull the pots off the stove and hand pour the pralines to cool.
The Creole Praline is made every day, using the original family recipe, cooked and poured entirely by hand, with no preservatives. It is a thin, slightly crispy candy with a perfectly balanced nutty sweetness, made in original and chocolate flavors. The Creamy Praline is a thicker, fudge-like candy which we make in five flavors. While the delicate Creole candy is best enjoyed within two weeks of being made, the Creamy varieties have an eight month shelf life. All of Aunt Sally’s pralines are certified Kosher and 100% gluten free.