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Creamy Pralines Original
Creamy Pralines Original from $ 14.99
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Creole Pralines Assorted
Creole Pralines Assorted from $ 14.99
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Copper Pot News & Praline Recipes

Praline Cocktails featuring Aunt Sally's Pralines and Pralines & Cream Liqueur

To celebrate National Praline Day 2017, Pralines & Cream Liqueur made four delicious cocktails featuring New Orleans' Most Famous Pralines.   The recipes include: Creole Float Giddy Up Strawberry Field Day A Shore Thing Creole Float Cocktail Recipe Giddy Up Cocktail Recipe Strawberry Field Day Cocktail Recipe A Shore Thing Cocktail Recipe

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Easter Chocolate Traditions, Explained

Easter is here and with it comes all of the traditions that we know and love – flowers hanging outside of churches, children painting hard-boiled eggs, and baskets filled with chocolate. It’s these traditions that make Easter such a great time to be with family and friends, but have you ever wondered where they came from? And why chocolate? The name Easter – along with the bunny and the eggs – comes from the Germanic fertility goddess, Eostre. Eostre’s celebration is on the Spring Equinox and is characterized by rabbits and eggs as symbols of fertility. In one version of Eostre’s mythology, she once found a bird dying in the cold and turned it into a furry rabbit (to stay...

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