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settling the score

how the heck do you pronounce "praline"?

Gulf Coast, Southeast, and sometimes France – do we pronounce it as prah-leen or pray-leen? We're here to tell you the truth!

Adding context

the iconic french confection

With pralines originating in France, saying the word praline with the long "ah" sound commonly found in romantic languages historically makes sense.

However, as pralines became co-opted by Southeastern states in America, pronouncing the famous word with the American "ay" sound makes sense with more contemporary geographical consideration.

Whether you choose to stick to the praline's origin country or its more contemporary Southeastern home, the choice is actually yours to make! The only important thing to note is how you pronounce it will typically tell someone where you're from.

In our offices and kitchens, nearly everyone will pronounce the word praline with the French-informed pronunciation, "prah-leen," but that's just us.

our final answer?
just do you!

the one thing we can all agree on...

no matter how you pronounce it, pralines are delectable, incredible treats for anyone and everyone! See the different types of pralines we keep in our shop as some of the biggest and best praline experts for over 80 years.

Want to learn more about pralines? We made an unofficial, comprehensive history of pralines right on our site, and we have a whole story to tell about our iconic brand.