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We love pecans and know our Aunt Sally's friends and families do too! We created a line of coated pecans to offer these hand-selected, fresh roasted Louisiana pecan halves in a new, refreshing way. Each flavor is a delectable delight to treat yourself or share away.

Our classic Praline Coated Pecans are rolled in the same buttery, vanilla mixture that makes our Creole Pralines so delicious! These are so popular, we made a 12oz option for this fan favorite.

Our Cinnamon Coated Pecans are rolled in a mix of cinnamon and sugar, making a sweet, familiar taste to go with our crunchy pecans.

We offer Cajun Coated Pecans for our people with a more daring taste. We dusted each pecan with our secret blend of authentic Cajun herbs and spices.

We have a delicious Chocolate Coated Pecan, but it is only available in cooler months.  So not available from June until sometime in the Fall.

We also created a Sugar-Free option so our diet-conscious friends and family can enjoy the "Sweet Taste of New Orleans" without any worries.

Coated Pecans - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Coated Pecans Sale price$ 9.99