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Aunt Sally's Pralines Original Praline single unwrapped enlarged to show texture

The family recipe that started it all

Original Pralines

Our Original Pralines are true to the original French Creole-style family recipe. Still cooked and poured by hand, each Original Praline is a thin, slightly crispy pecan candy, made in classic and chocolate flavors.

Made with no preservatives and all natural local ingredients, Original Pralines are best enjoyed within 7 days of receipt.

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Aunt Sally's Unwrapped Creamy Praline Single

Pioneering Pralines for America

Creamy Pralines

Our Creamy Pralines are a perfect blend of American-style pralines and our Creole French Family traditions.

We pioneered the creation of American Creamy Pralines by adding a secret blend and some cream to make pralines that feel and taste like a rich, indulgent fudge with all the sweetness of our Original Pralines.

Creamy Pralines can last up to eight months, and are also available in bite-size pralines that we named pralinettes.

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a new take on indulgence

Chewy Pralines

Our Chewy Pralines are a decadent blend of rich caramel with a heaping mound of Louisiana pecans finished with the elegant taste of pure vanilla.

A different experience from our more traditional pralines, the Chewy Praline is crafted for lovers of caramel and nuts. Sink your teeth into a Chewy Praline and see how far you can make the caramel stretch! 

If you prefer a softer Chewy, just pop it in the microwave for ten seconds to amplify the gooey goodness.

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