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Creamy Assorted Pralines

Sale price$ 29.99

Our Creamy Pralines come in four unique flavors inspired by the delicious tastes you can only find in New Orleans. If you just can’t get enough of Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines, or you simply can't decide on a favorite, you’re not alone! We have just the solution for you – an assorted box with every flavor of our Creamy Pralines to enjoy all of them at once. Try every melt-in-your-mouth Creamy Praline flavor with an Assorted Box.

Choose from

12 Pack:

  • 3 Creamy
  • 3 Bananas Foster
  • 3 Chocolate
  • 3 Cafe au Lait

36 Pack:

  • 9 Creamy
  • 9 Bananas Foster
  • 9 Chocolate
  • 9 Cafe au Lait

72 Pack:

  • 18 Creamy
  • 18 Bananas Foster
  • 18 Chocolate
  • 18 Cafe au Lait

Please note: 36 and 72 pack orders may come as multiple 12-Pack Assorted Boxes

All of Aunt Sally’s Pralines are 100% gluten-free. Our Creamy Pralines defined what we now know as American or New Orleans-style Pralines – fudgy, decadent, velvety goodness. They can stay fresh for up to 8 months — but we doubt they’ll stick around that long.



Creamy Assorted Pralines - Box of 12 - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Creamy Assorted Pralines Sale price$ 29.99