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Creamy Café au Lait Pralines

Sale price$ 15.99

We used to think there couldn’t be anything better than a hot, fresh-brewed café au lait taken with a sweet, creamy praline. Then we realized we could create a praline that combined this heavenly combination into one bite! Coffee lovers will go stir-crazy for a taste of this instant classic!

Start with six for just $15.99, or grab our biggest box of 72 freshly made Creamy Cafe Au Lait Pralines for $165.99 (a savings of 35 cents per praline).

All of Aunt Sally’s Pralines are 100% gluten-free. Our Creamy Pralines defined what we now know as American or New Orleans-style Pralines – fudgy, decadent, velvety goodness. They can stay fresh for up to 8 months — but we doubt they’ll stick around that long.



Creamy Café au Lait Pralines - Box of 6 - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Creamy Café au Lait Pralines Sale price$ 15.99