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Mam Papaul’s Bananas Foster Mix

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New Orleans has been a major port of entry for bananas for decades. In the early 1950’s one of New Orleans leading restaurants was challenged to create a new dessert recipe using bananas and Bananas Foster was born! The dessert is a flaming showstopper, made with bananas, vanilla ice cream, and a rich sauce of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and dark rum.  This mix has everything you need to replicate this iconic New Orleans treat.

Bananas Foster continues to be served at fine restaurants throughout New Orleans and around the world. Now, this simple yet elegant dessert served with vanilla ice cream is available on your local grocers' shelf to be enjoyed at home.

Experience a true New Orleans favorite with this delicious bananas Foster mix. Simply add water, butter, and bananas to the mix, cook everything on the stove, let it cool and enjoy this mouthwatering dessert on its own or with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
As an alternative to ice-cream, try Bananas Foster as a topping on waffles or crepes topped with orange zest or whipped cream for that extra special finish to Sunday brunch.
Mam Papaul’s Bananas Foster Mix - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Mam Papaul’s Bananas Foster Mix Sale price$ 7.99