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In a place with the culinary heritage of New Orleans, it speaks volumes that French Market Coffee has been served in the city's finest restaurants for 125 years! Like the city of New Orleans, the French Market has a rich history. It has always been a center of commerce and sociability for the city's residents, attracting entrepreneurs, artists, and more recently jazz musicians playing live music as locals and visitors shop. The French Market flourishes to this day because of the people and products found there--including this coffee. To make coffee good enough to accompany the cuisine of some of the world's greatest chefs, The French Market selects only the finest Arabica beans, slow roast them in small batches, and specially grind them to release bold coffee flavor--just like the blend you're now browsing. So brew a cup, take a sip, and enjoy the deep, rich taste of what we believe is the quintessential New Orleans coffee!

Prior to the turn of the 20th century, William B. Reily operated a wholesale grocery business in Monroe, Louisiana. With his expertise in roasting and the strong demand for his coffees, Mr. Reily moved to New Orleans in 1902 to found a company to roast, grind, package, and distribute canned coffee. Reily Foods Company expanded its reach again in 2009 with the acquisition of American Coffee Company, which included French Market Coffee, a local New Orleans and regional favorite. French Market Coffee’s 125-year history includes providing blends to some of the finest restaurants in New Orleans. Those who know New Orleans, know French Market Coffee.

Chicory is a unique ingredient that imparts a roasted and caramelized taste overlay to the traditional flavor of New Orleans coffee. Coffee and chicory are common throughout Europe, producing a stronger, darker, less bitter brew with less caffeine than pure coffee. In New Orleans, an "old world" city distinguished by its exceptional cuisine, French Market Coffee and Chicory is served in the finest restaurants.

  • Dark Restaurant Blend: The perfect coffee for those who love the rich, bold flavor of New Orleans, this slow-roasted blend was specially ground to release its bold coffee flavo
  • Dark Roast Ground Coffee: A quintessential dark roast New Orleans coffee with an original taste that never goes out of style For the very best flavor, brew French Market Coffee using a filter or drip method
  • New Orleans Coffee: Our blends are bold, rich, and handcrafted by master roasters in small batches, carefully sourced from the highest-quality Arabica Beans for a flavor as soulful as the city we call home
  • Since 1890: Heritage is what inspired our unique products that America has enjoyed Our handcrafted coffee varieties include whole beans, ground coffee, single-serve K Cups, flavored coffees, cold brew, and much more.
  • A Better Tomorrow: We help provide social, economic, and environmental enhancements for farmers and the communities we work with thanks to our Sustainable Cup Project seedling program.

The French Marker blends are bold, rich, and handcrafted by master roasters in small batches, carefully sourced from the highest-quality Arabica beans for a flavor as soulful as the city of New Orleans.

The classic New Orleans blend of dark roast coffee & French chicory, in a signature tin can. This is the glorious black liquid gold locals search for every time they come home to New Orleans. For the traditional New Orleans coffee experience, enjoy it with milk or in a New Orleans-style café au lait.

Enjoy this quintessential New Orleans coffee – The French Market has only been perfecting it for over 125 years!

    New Orleans Famous French Market Restaurant Dark Roast Coffee Tin - Aunt Sally’s
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