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Pat O'Briens Hurricane Cocktail Mixer

Sale price$ 7.99

Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix is great for any occasion. Just add your favorite liquor (or no liquor for a virgin Hurricane) to this mix and you will have your own New Orleans Original Hurricane Cocktail from the comfort of your home.

About Pat O'Briens

During the days of Prohibition in the 1930s, B. H. "Pat" O'Brien operated "Mr. O'Brien's Club Tipperary," one of many speakeasies in New Orleans, whose doors opened only to the select few who knew the password, "Storm's Brewin."

When the Prohibition Amendment was repealed in 1933, Mr. O'Brien moved his now legal drinking establishment across the street from the speakeasy to Pat O'Brien's original location in the 600 block of St. Peter. Today, Pat O's, famous for their "Hurricane" is located in Memphis, Orlando, San Antonio, and Cancun, Mexico. Of course the New Orleans location still exists at 719 S. Peters.

Pat O’Briens Hurricane Cocktail Mixer - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Pat O'Briens Hurricane Cocktail Mixer Sale price$ 7.99