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Ragin Cajun Seasoned Beans

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Shop Ragin' Cajun Beans, and get authentic Louisiana Cajun flavor sent straight to your door from the Heart of Acadiana.

As a nod to the brand's 35-year history that is steeped in Cajun culture, the packaging also includes the phrase, "C'est Bon!", which means "It's Good!" 

Ragin' Cajun brings the most authentic, high-quality Cajun food into consumers' kitchens regardless of where you live. Ragin Cajun creates and produces all of its products in-house right in Acadiana with proprietary blends and authentic Cajun recipes. Ragin Cajun products are as authentic as it gets, and they never take shortcuts to truly represent their Cajun roots.

Red Beans:

This blend of red kidney beans with vegetables and Cajun seasonings forms this version of a south Louisiana classic. It can be served by itself or over rice for a complete meal in itself. Consisting of 12 different seasonings.

10 Bean Soup Mix:

Count them - 10. Ten varieties of beans and 12 different seasonings and vegetables. Cajun seasonings. Add meat of your choice to make a meal in itself or the usual Cajun way, over rice. This Ten Bean Soup is as colorful as it is tasty. Good source of protein & fiber. 

Ragin Cajun Blackeye Peas:

Happy New Year! Ragin' Cajun Food's Black Eye Peas will bring you good luck and be good tasting all year round. Be a traditional Cajun and add sausage or ham and serve over rice for a dish that will make any mouth happy. Consisting of 12 different seasonings.

All Ragin' Cajun products are Fat-Free, All-Natural, Reduced Sodium, Gluten Free, and hand-crafted in Broussard, Louisiana.



Ragin Cajun Seasoned Beans - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Ragin Cajun Seasoned Beans Sale price$ 7.29