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Jazzmen Aromatic Rice

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Jazzmen Rice mills harvest in the most sanitary and temperature-controlled mills of South Louisiana; Jazzmen Rise "flash" packages their rice in the same facilities that mill the rice and that helps to capture maximum freshness and then storing the packaged harvest in temperature-controlled warehouses. When you get Jazzmen Rice at your grocery, it has not spent months being shipped in climate environs or large vessels into the U.S. from Asia, like most other aromatic rice. Because of the unique nature of harvesting, packaging, and distribution, Jazzmen Rice is guaranteed to have the best aromatic flavors of superior long stem rice.

"Jazzmen" is a variety of exclusively designed aromatic rice developed by the LSU AgCenter. And, in the spirit of the LSU system's calling - Jazzmen Rice is being grown and harvested using Louisiana's finest farmers and agriculture.

LSU AgCenter Regional Director/Senior Rice Breeder recently said: "We are totally excited about our relationship with Jazzmen Rice, LLC. For nearly two years, Andrew Wong, George Chin, and Egbert Ming (founders of Jazzmen Rice) have worked closely with us and South Louisiana's seed, farming, and milling community to conscientiously build a relationship that should help transport our first Jazzman harvest into the retail marketplace in a most professional and timely manner."

About Jasmine Aromatic Rice
For generations, the most flavorful rice Americans have eaten has been Jasmine rice imported to the U.S. from Asia (most notably Thailand). Jasmine is recognized for having the most desirable "gummy" white texture after cooking and its "aroma" before, during, and after cooking is what causes it to be called "aromatic." Regular rice does not emphasize aromatic qualities nor is it noted as having any fullness of taste. Aromatic rice has a very pleasant notable aroma and taste qualities that contribute considerably to a variety of cuisine styles.

About the LSU AgCenter
Twelve years ago, the LSU AgCenter started a project to increase rice production in Louisiana. They currently average approximately 500,000 acres of rice agriculture annually. There is a vast amount of acreage to build on.

The LSU AgCenter strives to help promote and build the quality and expertise of Louisiana's agricultural community - our farmers and our farms. The AgCenter thinks of everything possible to enhance and increase the productivity of Louisiana's vast acreage of farmland.

For twelve years, the "AgCenter" has been evolving, testing, and improving a varietal (variety) of rice intended to compete with the quality, taste, and cost of the thousands of tons of Jasmine rice coming into America each year from Asia. It has now reached perfection.



Jazzmen Aromatic Rice - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Jazzmen Aromatic Rice Sale price$ 4.99