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Mémère's Country Creole Cookbook

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Mémère’s Country Creole Cookbook showcases regional dishes and cooking styles associated with the “German Coast,” a part of southeastern Louisiana located along the Mississippi River north of New Orleans. This rural community, originally settled by German and French immigrants, produced a vibrant cuisine comprised of classic New Orleans Creole dishes that also feature rustic Cajun flavors and ingredients.

The book features over two hundred recipes, including dishes like crab-stuffed shrimp, panéed meat with white gravy, red bean gumbo, and mirliton salad, as well as some of the area’s staple dishes, such as butterbeans with shrimp, galettes (flattened, fried bread squares), tea cakes, and “l’il coconut pies.”

Mémère’s Country Creole Cookbook - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
Mémère's Country Creole Cookbook Sale price$ 27.00