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The Little Book of King Cake

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What child isn’t excited to get the baby in the king cake? But it’s not all fun and games for third-grader Miley. After finding the baby in her slice of cake, she is crowned Queen of her classroom and quickly learns her new power comes with responsibility.

As Queen of her classroom, it’s Miley’s job to bring the next king cake to class, and she wants to make her friends happy by buying the perfect one. Which king cake should she choose?

New Orleans has hundreds of different kinds and everyone has a different opinion about what makes Louisiana’s favorite confection special! With some advice from her dad and the help of a four-and-a-half-foot-tall plastic baby and a team of talking pastries, Miley tries to get to the bottom of Mardi Gras’ most pressing question once and for all: who makes the best king cake? 

From Matt Haines, author of mega-hit The Big Book of King Cake, comes the children’s book adaptation of Matt’s very own king cake story. The Little Book of King Cake is brought to life through Matt’s expert storytelling and the marvelous art of Louisiana illustrator Aileen Bennett. It’s a great addition to the library of anyone who loves The Big Book of King Cake, as well as the perfect holiday or Carnival season gift for the little king cake lovers in your life.  

The Little Book of King Cake - Aunt Sally’s Pralines
The Little Book of King Cake Sale price$ 21.95